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Sunday, June 1, 2008

About The Daytona Post

The Daytona Post, Daytona Beach News, exposing corruption and malfeasance in Daytona Beach
Corruption revealed. Fraud exposed. Malfeasance under Color of Law unmasked, Abuse of power uncovered.

A healthy democracy requires an informed public. Daytona’s curse of being a one-newspaper town created a severe unbalance in what the local news media feeds the public. When the news is controlled by a few people with special interests at play, the results are catastrophic.

Outside the din of the daily media, and the disinformation campaign at City Hall, there are things going on behind closed doors every day that adversely affect the interests of the citizens of Daytona Beach. Whether government corruption, corporate malfeasance, or any other abuse of power by institutions or individuals entrusted with the public good, these acts all share one thing in common: the people committing them want to keep you in the dark.

That’s where investigative journalism comes in. The Daytona Post will chronicle powerful, groundbreaking recent journalistic investigations. We are not afraid to dig where the digging is required. We are not intimidated by the power players that pull the strings of the public officials. These are the stories that have shaken communities, held the powerful accountable and tried to make a difference in the functioning of America’s democracy.

The Daytona Post idea was born out of a group of Daytona area businessmen and intellectuals, tired of seeing abuses to the many committed to the service of the few that control our elected officials. The legacy of corruption has reached untenable proportions in our dear city. It is time to act and let the nation know the unadulterated truth.

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