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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Plum Jobs in Daytona Beach

Top Plum Jobs in Daytona BeachMultimillionaire campaign contributors and friends of Daytona Beach public officials are not the only ones benefiting from raiding the public trust. In a city that has been riddled by malfeasance and constant abuses in the administration of taxpayer’s assets, there are very few things that raise eyebrows anymore.

The per capita income in Daytona Beach is $17,513 according to the last US Census. Seventeen percent of Daytona's families live below the poverty line, nearly double the national and state averages of 9 percent. The poverty rate of the city’s youths, those under 18, stands at a whopping 25%. That means that one out of every four of our young live in poverty. The unemployment figures are staggering and getting worse. These are sobering statistics indeed.

With this background, here we present the top plum jobs funded by Daytona Beach citizens, courtesy of the City Commission:

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