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Thursday, November 7, 2013

BODY CAM VIDEO: Daytona police shoot former football star Jermaine Green

DAYTONA BEACH — Moments before being shot six times by police, former football star Jermaine Green held his girlfriend in a choke hold with his left arm and his right hand gripped a large knife that loomed over Katrina Johnson's chest, police body camera videos released Wednesday show. Daytona Beach Officers Richard Maher and Kevin Connelly had just kicked in the front door of the house where Green was staying on Magnolia Avenue on Sept. 25.

It was just after 3 a.m. when the officers saw Green duck into a bedroom, Johnson struggling to get away from his grasp, the video shows. In the next few seconds, one of the policemen stood in the doorway of a cluttered bedroom and yelled at Green to release his hostage.

A half-naked Green was on a bed with Johnson. She was on top of him, face up, her black shorts pulled down slightly. “Let her go dude, let her go,” the officer yelled at Green. “Let her go man, I'm telling you right now.” The next thing the officer saw was Green's right arm — with the knife in his hand — raise slightly and then come down rapidly as he almost plunged the weapon into Johnson's chest.

 “He's doing it,” the policeman said to his partner. The next words yelled out by one of the officers was “Shoot the (expletive deleted).”


Seven shots rang out in rapid succession, six striking Green in the buttocks-hip area, the abdomen and Green's right arm, the seventh bullet piercing Johnson's right arm, the video shows. One of the officers grabbed Johnson, pulling her out of the way. Green had slipped off the bed and was lying on his right side, his body practically buried in a pile of clothes on the floor. 

He hardly moved, his right leg bleeding near his buttocks, his mouth in an almost half-smile, his eyes closed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Daytona - Make your Voice be Heard

DAYTONA BEACH, FL - The Grass Roots movement Occupy Daytona will hold its first demonstration at Tuscawilla park at the corner of Nova Rd. and International Speedway Blvd. This Saturday October 15th from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

The Day-Long action's purpose is to spread the word that corrupt influence by a few moneyed individuals on our elected officials has reached untenable levels and destroyed the quality of life of the majority.

The peaceful movement will hold teach ins, a general assembly, apublic demonstration and an open mic where participants can voice their concernsTo date, Occupy Daytona has over 700 members and it continues to grow by the minute.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daytona's own 9/11 Tragedy

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why hasn't Jim Chisholm been fired yet?

Daytona Beach City Manager Jim Chisholm

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daytona Beach Taxpayers Must Again Pay for City's Corruption in Bad Cop Case

Bad Cop - Daytona Cop Claudia Wright
Victim - Yoga Instructor Elizabeth Beeland
DAYTONA BEACH, FL - Taxpayers in Daytona Beach will again have to cover the mess created by City Manager Jim Chisholm and the corrupt City Commission in yet another Bad Cops case.

The yoga instructor shot with a Taser stun gun by a former Daytona Beach officer at Best Buy (See Abuse of Power in Daytona Beach: Cop uses Taser on Innocent Best Buy Customer ) will likely receive a $38,000 settlement from the city as recommended by City Attorney Marie Hartman in order to avoid further exposure in Court.

The claim against the city focused on false arrest and excessive force by Daytona Beach Police Officer Claudia Wright who intentionally used her Taser weapon to cause pain and injury to Yoga Instructor Elizabeth Beeland, an innocent customer at Best Buy.

As typical in these cases, Beeland was taken to jail by Officer Wright on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The City later quietly withdrew and she was not prosecuted.

Police Officers are trained to always file "resisting arrest" charges whenever they are involved in situations of abuse of power in the hopes of later coercing the victims to settle Abuse of Civil Rights charges as a "trade".

According to the Daytona Beach Police Department, Wright was not found to have violated department rules in the case. However, the Police Department's Taser policy was reviewed and changed in early 2008, soon after the Best Buy episode.

Officer Wright was fired from the department last year when the State Attorney formally charged her after allegations surfaced that she had forged the signature of Annie Robinson - her own grandmother - in order to buy a car. Investigators learned of the crime after her grandmother filed a criminal complaint, records show. The grandmother, found out her name had been forged by Wright when she went to buy a car for herself.

Only after the mounting criminal evidence was publicly exposed against one of their own did the City of Daytona Beach decide to fire the officer.

Thanks to connections, however, Wright was offered a deal that will allow for the felony charge in the check fraud case to be dropped if she stays out of trouble for 12 months.

Wright had also been trouble before; The News Journal reported that in 2009, Wright warned a Daytona Beach family they were the targets of a drug investigation, according to a police investigation. The suspects were related to someone close to Wright. Although another officer was fired in the investigation that followed, Wright was allowed to keep her job at the time.

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