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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Daytona Post adds a Jobs section for Daytona Beach displaced workers

Daytona Beach Jobs by The Daytona PostThe Daytona Post has added a Daytona Beach Jobs section to its fast growing online presence. This new venture is a result of a partnership with SimplyHired, the world's largest job search engine.

The Daytona Jobs section includes job postings from all over the nation in categories such as Management, Engineering, Computer, Health Care, Hospitality, Entertainment and many more.

This site is the first of its type in the Daytona Beach area and connects eager employers and recruiters from Florida and rest of the nation with the growing mass of unemployed workers in Daytona Beach (See related article Daytona Beach Job Woes Worsen ).

Daytona Beach Unemployment and Poverty Crisis

The sharp decay of Daytona Beach as a business or tourist destination has created a depression in the area unlike any seen in modern times. The depression has been blamed on the disastrous policies by local officials that, under the control of a handful of tycoons and special interests, have literally turned the city into an economic wasteland. This presents a unique opportunity for employers from other Florida cities to attract the local workforce to their areas.

Daytona Beach City Commission - No Jobs for You!

Daytona Beach City CommissionThere are numerous criminal complaints filed against Daytona Beach city officials for corruption, fraud, abuse of power, and breach of public trust. The State Attorney, John Tanner, recently was booted out of office due in part for his refusal to investigate the corruption cases and for his connections with the same special interests that have infected the Daytona Beach City Commission (See Tanner Booted from State Attorney Job ).

A Great Tool for Daytona Beach Job Seekers and Employers Alike

For Job Seekers, the system is free of any charge. As an introductory offer, employer Job postings are $29 for a 30 day period.

Through our partnership, job postings also have exposure through FeedBurner (www.feedburner.com), the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Through this alliance, FeedBurner will market The Daytona Post Jobs to its network of more than 320,000 customers. Publishers will be able to promote the paid job listings they add via the FeedBurner’s popular FeedFlare service, which will include a call to action within content feeds to drive readers to explore job listings.

Daytona Beach Jobs is accessible on nearly every page of the Daytona Post including the Daytona Beach Café online social network site, blogs and even select partner sites. We encourage all users to visit the section, and as always to send us your feedback or ideas.

The Daytona Post Growth as News Source for Daytona Beach

Thanks to its national syndication, a network of over 150 news sites and a reach of several million readers, The Daytona Post has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings less than a year ago. Our stories have been featured and distributed by top news sites such as CNN, AOL, Topix, Associated Content, Newsvine and many leading political sites including Huffington Post, Free Republic, Florida Today and Sayfie Review among others. The Daytona Post was recently nominated as "Best Political Blog" with Deutsche Welle and Blogger's Choice Awards.

With its Web 2.0 Technologies and dominance through social networks, The Daytona Post is the leading source for Unfiltered, Undistorted, Unadulterated News for Daytona Beach and Volusia County. While we are "apolitical" and have no party affiliation, our views are conservative in some areas and liberal in others, but always with basic common sense. We are pro-military and, most of all, pro-America and anti-corruption. Learn more about The Daytona Post.

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