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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The people that finance Dwayne Taylor in Daytona Beach

Dwayne Taylor and government for those who payA very interesting web links campaign contributions with beneficiaries of the largesse by the City Commission at the expense of the taxpayers.

Note how many circumvent the Campaign Contribution Limits of $500 in the Florida Statutes by utilizing members of their family, corporate shells and other artifices and loopholes. Hint: look for common addresses and for the lists of officers registered with the Secretary of State in addition to the obvious: common last names and company names.

To their defense, and in the disgraceful tradition of "government for those who pay" in corrupted Daytona Beach, some of these people might "donate" to political campaigns in fear that retribution to their businesses be felt if they don't.

In Daytona Beach, it is compulsory upon corporations and other businesses to contribute to the campaigns of local politicians in office. In reasonable fear of being liable to come under the displeasure of these public officials, this blackmail (for such it is) is the price of being let alone by the political cormorants and buzzards who hover ever over them as their legitimate prey.

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