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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daytona Tax Day Tea Party Put the Fear on Corrupt Politicians

DAYTONA BEACH, FL - There's certainly strength in numbers and local officials have at hand a rising force to beckon. Joining over 1,500 similar events held around the country, the Daytona Beach - Deland Tax Tea Party drew a large demonstration of local citizens weary of abuse at the hands of corrupt, inept and wasteful politicians.

We're on a very slippery slope. It scares me half to death, you just can't stay home and be a potted plant anymore. The spending this government is doing is ludicrous.
Senior Citizen and Local Protester

While we are firing teachers and our children's education suffer because Volusia County has no money, and Daytona Beach's youth roam the streets on an unprecedented crime wave due to lack of jobs or educational or social programs, these corrupt politicians never had any qualms about gifting millions of dollars to fund the indulgences of the local millionaires - Look at the waste of ECHO funding on pet projects, the multimillion-dollar International Speedway Subsidies or the News Journal Monument to nothingness...
Local Teacher

Note - Names withheld to protect against retaliation by local public officials

The large contingent of citizens included doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers, carpenters, policemen and common folks, joined with the common goal to reign in government waste.

The local area of Daytona Beach has been hit especially hard during this economic depression due to the widespread corruption in City Hall and the overt favoritism of public funds spending on pet projects and private hobbies of multimillionaire patrons. This waste created a financial vacuum that syphoned funds away from public projects, social programs, education, job creation and fighting crime.

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