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Friday, November 20, 2009

Convicted Felon given Cab License by the City of Daytona Beach Robs Barber

DAYTONA BEACH, FL - Adding to the alarming crime wave that has enveloped this formerly bustling beach town, a convicted felon, allowed to drive a cab by officials from the City of Daytona Beach, has robbed the owner of a barbershop on Main Street as he was closing his store.

Better known as the most corrupt city in Florida, where retaliatory code enforcement actions, gifts of city funds to political cronies and disregard of state criminal laws when dealing with wealthy political patrons are daily occurrences, this new development in Daytona Beach has attracted national attention for its audacity.

Daytona Beach police arrested cab driver Michael Olensky, 41 after he robbed Main Street Barbershop owner Arnold Branton, 60. According to the owner of the cab company, Olensky had a permit issued by the city of Daytona Beach which allowed him to drive a cab. The city code requires a background check before issuing city permits of this type and specifically prohibits the granting of cab licenses to convicted felons. Questions abound as to the officials in City Management which allowed the permit be issued to Olensky.

Olensky has a lengthy criminal history that includes a stint in prison for grand theft auto, also had an active warrant for violation of probation stemming from an aggravated battery case. He is also alleged to be a habitual drug user.

Police Chief, Mike Chitwood was fuming that a felon and drug user was allowed to drive a cab. When interviewed by WESH TV he commented about the dangers local residents are exposed, especially women leaving the local bars at night that often take cabs home.

If Olensky fell through the cracks, it's a Disgrace.

[A felon with a cab license] could have picked up anybody and robbed them, or worse... and we'd have a tragedy.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood

Watch the WESH TV Report http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-PFw53BmeA

Daytona Beach is besieged by widespread corruption in its City Commission and City Management to the service of a few multimillionaire special interests. City Government has been described as having fallen into a state of "Organized Crime under Color of Law".

A sign of the state of mismanagement and fiscal abuse is that despite having one of the highest per capita budgets and tax rates in Florida, Daytona Beach is among the poorest, most crime ridden and least developed cities in the country. Over $500 million dollars have been dissipated over the past few years, often right into the hands of the special interests that control the City Commission (See: Where is the money, Mayor Ritchey?). This waste has deprived the city of funds needed for education, job generation, public projects and crime control. Daytona Beach has failed several state financial audits but no state or Federal criminal investigation has been announced to date, a testament to the vast influence the local special interests wield.

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